Guided tours

There are guided tours in the Castle only in Swedish and English on a daily basis and included in the entrance fee. Groups are not allowed. For a separate grouptour in the castle , please contact Ålands Guider rf.  +358(0)457 342 5333 or

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Download a guided tour

You are welcome to download a guided tour in the castle here. Just scan the QR-code to your smartphone. OBS! only for Android systems. When in place at the castle there are audio guides for borrowing. Just ask at

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Barnaktiviteter på Jan Karlsgården

Barnaktiviteter på Jan Karlsgården, 26 juni - 8 augusti 2014 Måndag, tisdag, onsdag och fredag Textilpyssel i Lillstugan, kl. 10.00-11.30 och 12.30-16.30. Torsdag Bullbakning i Lillstugan, kl.

Barnaktiviteter Jan-Karlsgården Kastelholmsomradet

Handicraft day at Jan Karlsgården

Every Wednesday in July 11-16 at Jan Karlsgården. Local Craftsmen and -women show old handicraft-technics and sell their products. Bread is baked in an oldfashioned oven and sold, also Ålands pancake

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Jan Karlsgården open air museum

Jan Karlsgården open air museum is full of Åland traditions and gives you an idea of how an Åland farm might have been during 1800 Century. Activities are also organized here both summer and winter. When the museum was founded in the 1930s, it was named after the farm Jan Karls in Finström, where main building is coming from. Today there are about twenty buildings on Jan Karlsgården - all

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The Crown Prison Vita Björn

Vita Björn was used as a jail and prison for almost 200 years. Today the building houses a prison museum where the visitor can learn more about the development of the prison service from the late 1700s up until the 1950s; from a time when shackles and irons where part and parcel of prison life to an increasingly humane approach. When Vita Björn closed its doors in 1975, it marked the end of a

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2-31 May - daily at 10-17
June, August - daily at 10-17
July - daily at 10-18
1-15 September at 10-17
For visits outside season please call
+358 457 3500 558

Adults 7 €
Children 7-17 years old 5€
Seniors and students 5€
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